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To Learn Search Engine Ranking

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To Learn Search Engine Ranking


To Learn Search Engine Ranking With Practical Methods


Learning  Search Engine Ranking with practical methods is the best way to get your website ranked highly with Google and Bing. There's tonnes of information on the Web about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can be problematic to what info is actually up to date and works in 2018! The other problem we may run into is that most SEO Experts will not give you the full picture and tend to leave vital bits out that are needed! Getting your on-page SEO wrong can cost you penalties with bigger Search Engines like Google and this is something we don't want. Keep reading below to find the best ways how to get your website ranking on the very first page.

True Facts About How To Learn SEO

It can take many years to learn how to master and understand SEO to the level needed for page 1 rankings. Some people when learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pick this up quite quickly but for the majority of us, it can seem like a Foreign Language! There are usually two ways a person learns about site ranking and the many components that come with this much-needed tool. The most favored way is to use YouTube or to click on websites that tickle our fancies. This is totally fine but there are certain factors I think you should be aware of. Sourcing information through this method often only gives you a partial view of the bigger picture that's required to rank in Search Engines. Authors of the YouTube Videos and the Websites we visit can have ulterior motives in mind to get you to sign up for an expensive course or so they can have your email on their lists.


Email Subscription Lists 


Remember, the whole point of them giving you the free information in the first place is to grab your email address or worse, sell you a course you may not want! The point here my friends is that nothing in this World is free, no matter how nice they may seem. If you Learn the basics of SEO the right way, ranking your website on page 1 is not as hard as it seems!

Building Up Your Online Business

Building up your Online Business takes some time and we don't want it to be wasting our efforts in the end. It's kinda the whole purpose to build and set up our Websites is to make money, right. Sure enough, you can get trickles of traffic from Social Media but will this be sufficient to pay all the bills and put food on the table? For the purpose of growing and expanding an Internet business, your website must be Search Engine Friendly at the get-go and doing this at the start is vital! Older websites can be "Revamped" with correct SEO formats to get them ranking in the Search Engines again. To get the right information and advice to learn Search Engine Ranking can make the whole difference in having a winning combination to give you success or wasting your time with a FIZZER.

The Best Way How To Learn SEO Without A Magic Wand

The most reliable way how to learn SEO that can work for you is an Online Platform that focuses on Internet Marketing and Small Business Search Engine Optimization. These days, SEO is evolving towards genuine methods that include sensible, common sense ways versus the "Shrewed Operators" of Yesterday! It doesn't cut it anymore to just shove Keywords and heaps of Backlinks to rank a website. I still see plenty of sites on the net offering Professional SEO Services that are actually selling unnatural links that don't work anymore! That's really disappointing to see but it's what we can expect from numerous online shysters.


How To Get Top Google Search Results 


Choosing a Low-Cost Method to initiate your SEO Campaign has many benefits and won't attack the budget like a wounded Bull! There are several Online Training Platforms that are experts in this field but for real value for money, I'm going to recommend a place where I learned to do SEO which is terrific!


To make money form receiving clicks from Organic Search Results, you first have to set up a Website. It does not matter what kind of business you are doing, what counts is, the more viewers you receive, the more money you will make. We are all looking for a bargain "Now" and this includes me! The trick is to find value and quality that actually performs without stretching your cash flow.

The video below shows you how to set up your website, add contents, and how to get your site ranked on Google. 

10 Free Training Videos


Handy SEO Tips And Tools

The Power Of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Getting the right advice right from the very start can mean all the difference in having a thriving Online Business or finding another Job to "Prop Up" your dream. As an added bonus to all the Website Building Tools listed below, The Power House Community can help guide you with Online Enterprises such as; Local Business Websites, E-Commerce Sites (Selling your own products), Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Professional Service Websites, and General Information Sites. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can ask any questions 24/7 and you'll receive expert answers back within half an hour.

having the ability to ask questions and receive super quick responses 24/7 when a problem has to be solved is quite rare with most Online Platforms. Usually, with other Internet Programs, you have to send off an email and you'd be lucky to receive a reply back within a couple of days. We all want to get a problem fixed and move onto our next task. Waiting up to 2 days to get help is just downright wrong and in fact, this is a major reason why people fail with their Online Businesses!

The Power Of A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Includes:

  • SEO Training Videos And Help
  • 24/7 WordPress Website Support
  • Easy Domain Transfers
  • Domain Name Purchasing And Hosting Of Up To 50 Websites
  • Website Comment Platform (Add Comments To Your Website)
  • 2 Professional Keyword Tools (Exclusive To Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Free SSL Site Security Certificates
  • Free Privacy Settings
  • High-Speed Settings Tool To Achieve 95/100 in Google Page Speed Insights (Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate)

Quick Summary

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for beginners and more experienced people to learn how to make and get their websites on the first page of Search Engines like Google and Bing.


Their step-by-step training, helpful support & resourceful community are charged at a very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.?

Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It's hard to find any negative reviews of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Platform Website Building Platform.

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Thank you for visiting, To Learn Search Engine Ranking. Would you like to ask any questions or just have a gripe with SEO Professionals that tried selling backlinks that point to your Domain?  Just leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your SEO Friend, Jeff. 😃

8 thoughts on “To Learn Search Engine Ranking

  1. This is very interesting Post!
    It really teaches you about Search engines and the global world. It really is like an online institute or something. It really makes me think of all the money one can save in college if they work through here actually.
    How much can one earn as a teenager and work themselves up?

    1. You are very observant, Linda. Wealthy Affiliate is like an Online Institute for learning Internet Marketing. The Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate are 2 very experienced fellows that actually started this company when they left University where they studied Computer Science and Marketing The Company has also been helping people make a Full-Time living on the net since 2005.

      If you work your way up, its very possible to be making $1200 a Month in 6 Months. If you have any questions you can contact me here, Linda.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hey Jeff, great post! I am new to Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned on this platform about SEO. I especially love the community of people who are all willing to help. I’m a guy with zero experience in Internet Marketing before I started, I didn’t even know what SEO was the abbreviation of. The training has been really good for me since this is a totally new industry for me.

    As a total newbie, can you advise me what I should put in the “Alt Text” in the very first Image on a new Post?

    Thanks, Jim.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jim. learning Search Engine Ranking is full of rewards and I see you are a member of one of the best Internet Platforms on the net to learn SEO. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learnt all about Search Engine Optimization and you couldn’t be in better hands with all the vast amount of knowledge they share on this Platform.

      To fill out the Alt Text within the very first Image on a Post or Page should be the same as the Meta Keyword Title.

      So let’s say your Title is, Best Ways To Achieve Success With SEO. Download the image you want to use and put the Title in as, best-ways-to-achieve-success-with-seo in the picture URL. Then all we have to do is place the Title in the Alt Text as Best Ways To Achieve Success With SEO. 

      There are a couple more tricks we can do with the image and please feel welcome to contact me for free advice.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. HI Jeff. Thanks for the wealth of information you have put up here. I am new to affiliate and online marketing and you can guess I do not know much about SEO or any other important concepts. I’m sure I will learn more as time goes by but I’d rather get to the front of the line sooner rather than later.
    Can Wealthy Affiliate teach me how to apply Search Engine Optimization when I start to build my free website?
    Thanks in advance, Zenon.

    1. Hi there, Zenon. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online Learning Platforms to learn Search Engine Ranking and how to correctly do your SEO Strategies.
      The problem with trying to understand how to do Search Engine Optimization by means of most blogs and YouTube Videos Online is that they tend to leave vital “core’ parts needed to for your Website Ranking! This is done more by Strategy as they want you to join their Programs to get the whole story. That being said, there are no shortcuts to learning SEO and being taught the correct methods in the initial stages will set you up with valuable tools to use in ranking your sites in Google and Bing.
      To be able to master the basics of SEO for free is virtually unheard of in the Online World and is real proof that Wealthy Affiliate is genuinely the “Real Deal!” If you join WA through one of my links, I have a great incentive to really get you going. I will give you $250 worth of free SEO advice to get your website SEO Optimized for higher rankings in Search Engines.
      I also offer to mentor all new members if they need a helping hand.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the interest of learning how to Blog, Affiliate Market and attract Customers to a website. Attracting the customers regards the clever part once you’ve accomplished writing quality unique content as this is essentially the biggest step to make friends with the Search Engines. What I didn’t realize however commencing WA’s Affiliate Marketing Course was to present each web post with the words we search for in the search engines, makes so much sense really. But how do you know which words are commonly searched specific to your post and how many other websites are using the same keywords? This is where Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool comes to fruition. Type in the thoughts for your post title, it provides results for how many searches per month, how much competition you’re up against and whether it’s a search-friendly title to use, along with a whole host of alternative suggestions. WA then show you where to place the keywords and how many times they should be inserted into the post as this is crucial for search engines to find you and not to appear as spam. I’m starting to climb the ranking ladder and seeing that the Wealthy Affiliate Training Works!

    Found your other Search Engine Optimization posts really interesting and even learned some new topics on your HTML Page. When writing a new post should my Category and Tags contain the same keywords I have targeted? Also, how many Images do you normally place on a Post before it affects the Website loading Times?

    Thanks, Jeff.

    1. I see your a very happy to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, wise choice! There are many Platforms Online that seem more keen to take your money rather than teach you all the basics of Affiliate and Internet Marketing. That being said, Wealthy Affiliate is like a “Shining Star” in a galaxy full of Black Sheep and they genuinely care about your Success. 

      In answer to your two questions above the following should be applied.

      #1) Placing Targeted Keywords In Categories And Tags;

      I always use Long Tail Keywords when adding a category and a Tag. These normally consist of 4 or more words and are then wrapped around your main keywords. This can be a very powerful method and I have many of both ranked on the first page of Google. They also help to cement the Main Title Keyword and provide extra information to Search Bots What your Post is exactly about.

      #2) How Many Images To Insert Into A Post:

      I normally stick to around 3 to 4 Images on One Post. Placing too many Images can slow down Page Loading Speed and viewers may get distracted with lots of Images. I find Google only ranks up to 3 and sometimes 4 for every Post and these are usually the images to the upper section of the page.

      If you have any more queries or need more detailed info on the above explanations, I would be delighted to share with you. Contact me here any time, Jeff.

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