How To Achieve Search Engine Rankings On Google

To Improve Search Engine Ranking In Google

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To Improve Search Engine Ranking In Google


How To Boost Your Google Search Engine Rankings


Knowing how to boost your Google Search Engine Rankings can turn your online website from being a poor achiever into something spectacular! Everybody wishes they were on the first page when it comes to search engine listings but in reality, only people in the know will get there. Learning the correct methods to land number one key position on Google And Bing are hard to come by and the tons of information online about SEO can be outdated and very misleading!! This post is a dedicated guide to the way Search Engine Optimization should be approached...

How To Avoid Getting SEO Products That Don't Work!

Many so-called Online SEO Professionals try and persuade you to purchase items that simply don't work! They can offer miracle solutions to elevate your site to page one in a flash but is this the case? The most common item on sale is hundreds of backlinks that link to your site. I can tell you now, purchasing these will not help in rankings. Search Engine Optimization relies on optimized websites, meta tags, title keywords, images, content, and internal links all working together.


Backlinks are becoming less important as time passes and the big misconception out there is that people think by obtaining links, their rankings will skyrocket! Many backlinks that can be gained easily are all too often low quality and this will be damaging to your site's ranking. The best way to get strong links pointing to the servers is to leave comments on authority websites such as this one.

Google Video On The Relevance Of Backlinks

How Search Engines Work At Google And Bing

Search Engines at Google and Bing behave in a similar manner. When a Crawl Bot enters your site for content indexing, there are 2 main objectives to achieve. 1) Crawl Content to see if it's relevant and how many words your post contains. 2) To determine where your Post should go in the Search Index and what position they should be ranked in. Although there are many other algorithms that can affect your page rank, by following the suggestions below you will be started in the right direction for better rankings.

The Top 4 Key Areas How To Rank Your Website



In order to rank on the first page of Search Engines like Google, having a well coded and optimized website is a must! clients come to me that have brilliant content on their site, belong to social media platforms and seem to be ticking all the right boxes to rank well. But they are bewildered why they can't get ranked by Google and Bing in the top 10 pages. let's face it if you're not ranking in the top 3 pages, you won't get noticed! Our Optimization includes looking at your Keyword Placement as well as Keyword Density for the chosen Title Keyword.




The Website Title Keyword (Permalink) determines where you are going to be Indexed and is one of the biggest factors why websites don't rank well! Your website can still be a bit clunky in Page Speed Loading Times but if you muck the Heading Title, all your efforts will be in vain. This is how search engines know what the post is about and where it should go in the indexing. The Meta Description Tag which appears under the Title in Search Listings also needs to elevate the Title Keywords and summarize post content for indexing.




Heading Tags are quite often confused about where they should be placed! Header Title Tags like the H1, H2, H3, H4, and H5 all have their place. Search engines like Google and Bing use these tags to get a broad idea of what the content or paragraphs are about. Crawl Bots Searching Rates are set to a time limit and whilst they can see the total content in a number of words, they go on the Header Tags and the first sentence directly under.




In most cases, I have discovered the poor old Image Alt Tags are missing or not relevant to the images. Search Engines Indexes pictures on your website and they also aid to give added information on the Post Content. As Bots don't have enough crawl time to read all of the contents, they run an analysis of websites title keywords, meta description, headings meta tags, and image alt tags. If search crawls are hard to navigate, this will either result in an abundant crawl or lower rankings. This will normally show up in the Google Console as a crawl error or server error but in most cases, it's a crawling fault.




We solve all the problems with getting your Website Optimized to allow your Site an even better chance of being ranked. Check out our FREE On Page Optimization Challenge below to see if your Posts are ready to be Index by Google!

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Thank you for visiting, To Improve Search Engine Ranking In Google. Have you heard of or hired SEO Professionals that didn't deliver what they promised? This may include getting you to purchase backlinks that point to your Domain. The truth is, Google will penalize your website because most of the links received are of low quality. A good backlink is worth 100 poor ones and to receive one from this site, just leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

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12 thoughts on “To Improve Search Engine Ranking In Google

  1. Awesome tips to help other bloggers learn how to rank high on the search engines, this is so important for their success with their blog posts. If we can not get our websites ranking on Google in the initial stages of a New Business Startup, Then the chances to fail become very high.

    Is what you write about so important to rank on search engines? How does one decide on a good topic and a good headline title?

    Thank you, Jeffrey.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Jeffrey. Like any business startup, no customers equals high failure rates. If we participating in an Internet Business, then traffic received from Organic Search Engines is our best friend. Everything must be done to maximize website traffic and choosing a good Header Title with SEO Keywords is a top way to begin.

      The best way to achieve this is to choose Title Keywords that have a good keyword base to start with. To improve Search Engine Ranking in Google, I use a very handy tool for this job called Coschedule. To begin, find your Post Title Keywords using a Professional keyword Tool, I use Jaaxy.

      Place your low traffic keyword into the Coschedule Headline Tool and scroll down to look at the keywords that are listed below. Try and pick a title keyword that has 3 searchable keywords, but they must make sense within a sentence. I have used the phrase, What Is The Coschedule Headline Tool Used For? The searchable keywords here are Coschedule Headline Tool which Google will rank you for.

      If you would like a free website check to see how your Title Keywords are performing, I would be more than happy to help. You can contact me here anytime.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Excellent information on how to improve search engine ranking in Google. Your SEO explanation is the simplest and easiest to understand that I have come across.
    My website is starting to rank in the top 30 with 6 posts in the top 3 positions. This has happened partially due to following Yoast SEO best practices. Also, it is due to much more attention to keyword and competition research. By proper use of “meta tags, title keywords, images, content, and internal links” and knowing who/what I have to compete with for the top position my new posts have been starting out regularly on the first page. The nice thing is, that with new posts showing up on the first page, older posts start ranking higher as well.
    Thanks for the great advice, I’ve bookmarked your website for future reference.

    1. Well done, Ed! Terrific to hear you are moving up with your Google Search Engine Rankings efforts. It really does pay dividends to pay diligence with on-page SEO. Looking at your Competitors Keywords is part of the deal because it makes a lot of sense to know a keyword or keywords they are ranking for. It’s no use putting in a Title Keyword if there are 4 or 5 off the same on the first page.

      It’s interesting to see some of your older posts starting to rank. Have you put in “New” Internal Links to these Posts, Ed?

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Hi, Jeff
    thanks for the offer to help with my keywords, ill take you up on the if you don’t mind, ill give you my site, can you give it a look over and see how I can improve its keywords maybe give an example or two?
    Appreciate this immensely, Jeff and I’ll write a great review of your Services on my Social Media pages.
    Thanks, Kevin.

    1. I would be delighted to give you a hand with your keyword placement, Kevin. To improve Search Engine Ranking in Google, we must follow certain procedures in order for our sites to rank. When I clicked on your link and had a look at your site, I noticed two areas that will have to be fixed.
      #1) There are no Keywords in some of the TITLES in your posts. You should always use your Keyword Tool to find low traffic ones and then sprinkle throughout the article at least 4 times. The Keywords should be placed in the first image in the Alt Tag and then in mid-article contents and at the end of your page.
      #2) There are no H2 and H3 Tags to describe what the post is going to be about. The H2 Tag goes just under your Image and should contain the same keywords as in the Title. For example, say your Post Title was; Asteroids That Orbit Close To Earth. The keywords here are Asteroids, Orbit, and Earth. You could then make your H2 Tag, How To Find ASTEROIDS THAT ORBIT CLOSE TO THE EARTH. The H3 Tag goes just under the H2 Tag and this is usually a short paragraph describing what your Post is all about. This could go like this; Ways how to find Asteroids that orbit the Earth that could be a danger to us. In this post, you can discover…..
      Don’t forget to BOLD your H2 Title, How To Find Asteroids That Orbit Close To The Earth.
      Hoped this has helped you out and made using Keywords and Meta Tags a little bit clearer. If you need any further help, please contact me here and I’ll be happy to help.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. I need your services because I’m getting absolutely no traffic to my websites at all. My Search Engine Rankings are currently non-existent right now and I don’t even know where I rank in Google. The problem is that I’m getting slighty confused to where I put my keywords in on a post. By putting the right keyword in to improve my website rankings, can this rank my site higher in the Google Listings?

    Thanks, Kevin 

    1. There are certain procedures we must follow with Search Engine Ranking before our websites get noticed by Google and Bing, Kevin. Keywords are a great place to start because Search Engine Bots use them to figure out what your Post is all about and where they should go in the Serp Listings.

      The best practices should include placing your Keywords in the Title of your website, in the first image on the post, on the bottom of the post, and sprinkled two more times throughout your page. try not to over place Keywords though, 5 times in a post of a thousand words is plenty and you can put up to six in a 1500 word page.

      This is a small but important step to get right because if Crawling Bots don’t know what your post is about, they will simply abort their Crawl! There are many aspects of SEO that can rank your post quicker and can get you a lot more Organic Traffic, Kevin. If you would like some free help in this area, please contact me anytime and I would be happy to oblige.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Thanks for the reminder that the best way to get good ranking is to make sure the bots can find you and read your website text.

    You are right. There are so many “experts” out there selling this product or that and some of it is very good and some not-so-much. Getting good at doing the basics works better, I am thinking.

    1. hi there, Neta. 96% off websites I come across have confusing search bot text-coding. Site crawling bots are set with time limits and if you have them running around in circles, you’re not going to get ranked highly! learning how to implement meta tags correctly by using proven methods can make a huge difference. With SEO this is the area most people struggle with and that is why I’ here to help. This is only one of the website optimization techniques to rank on the top spot!

      If you give a person a loaf of bread, they can eat for the day. But if you teach them to make a loaf of bread, they can eat every day. You need to follow a recipe to make the loaf of bread and SEO is no different. Once you have learned what needs to be done in order to successfully achieve the highest rankings on search engines, the battle is won!

      Best regards, SEO Jeff.

  6. Hello there! I just recently created my own website and I’m looking for a way to earn money with it. I read some articles that being on the top rankings can earn you some money. I wanted my site to be on the top but I don’t know how to do it. Luckily I found your article on the first page of Google and found informative very helpful. Can you help me to get my website ranked in the top listings? I ‘ve been doing online marketing for a while now and getting really annoyed at not ranking.

    Thanks, John.

    1. Hi there, John. Being in the top 3 pages of Google listings is very important to earning money online. It’s said that if you’re not in the top 3, you are not going to get much traffic. Receiving help is okay, especially if you learn to optimize your website content like a pro! All you have to do is take the first step and let me do what I do best and get your website on the top spot. Contact me here, John to get your no-obligation free appraisal…

      Best regards, SEO Jeff.

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