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To Gain Top Search Engine Rankings

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To Gain Top Search Engine Rankings


Internet Training Platform To Gain Search Engine Rankings


See the best Internet Training Platform to gain Search Engine Rankings for free? Gain valuable inside knowledge that can get your Website on page 1 of Google. Which Online Learning Program is regarded as the most trusted both in value and reputation that have been teaching people SEO Methods for over 12 years? This Company also offers one of the lowest monthly fees on the web and includes all the tools you will ever need to run a very successful Business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform is ideally equipped to run any kind of Business that involves getting a website ranked on major search engines. Setting up a site with a Professional SEO Service can cost thousands of dollars and you would not get much change out of five grand! It's easy to cough that amount of money up if you have it but most of us starting out would not come close. On top of all that, there are Hosting Fees each month and typically paying $40 is about the norm.


Domain Dot Com Hosting Servers


Wealthy Affiliate has been in Business for over 12 Years and is one of the best rated Online for value and services offered. The Premium Membership is only $49 a month and includes hosting of up to 50 WordPress Websites. They also have their own Domain Name Purchasing area that doesn't come with continues Upsells at renewal time. The monthly fee also comes with every aspect of Online Training including a Keyword Tool, Exclusive High-Speed Site Settings, and 24/7 Help and Support! The best thing here is they also have a Free Membership you can join to check them out without the need to spend a dime.

Exclusive Website Comment Platform

As well as 24/7 help and support with problems that arise, Wealthy Affiliate boasts an exclusive Website Comments Area where you can actually get real comments on your website. You will not find this feature anywhere else on the net and is a valuable tool for creating extra content and engagement for your Site. Getting people to leave responses online is getting harder every year. Some bigger Sites that have good Backlink Juice have shut down their comment section for good but for smaller operators, this can be disastrous!


Having lots of comments on your website is not only terrific for SEO Reasons, but they also create "Trust" and Legitimacy for the people visiting. I know when I'm visiting a new site, I always scroll down and have a look at the comment section. I tend to dismiss a website page that has no comments, how about you?


New Update For 2018:


Wealthy Affiliate has always offered its members an area where they can give and then receive genuine comments for their websites. As from the beginning of October, Wealthy Affiliate now pays you to leave comments! This is unheard of in the internet marketing community and is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Kept Secret Until Discovered

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, It cost me over $200 Per Month to Host my Websites elsewhere. Now I,m only paying $49 a Month for the last 3 Years and I have saved myself a whopping 4000 Dollars!

  • SEO Training Videos And Help
  • 2 Professional Keyword Tool
  • Unique Comment Platform (Area where you can receive comments on your website)
  • 24/7 WordPress Website Support (Quick Responses and Fix Times)
  • Easy Domain Transfers
  • Domain Name Purchasing And Hosting Up To 50 Websites
  • Free SSL Site Security Certificates
  • Free Privacy Settings
  • High-Speed Settings Tool To Achieve 95/100 in Google Page Speed Insights (Exclusive To Wealthy Affiliate)
The Wealthy Affiliate University Review 2018

Exclusive High-Speed Page Scores

Wealthy Affiliate is also the home to an exclusive tool called, Site Speed. You will not find this function anywhere else online and enables you to score 95/100 for the Mobile Version of your website page loading speed and 99/100 for Desktop. Google and other Search Engines have stated that page speed is a major factor in ranking and websites that achieve the above scores have a distinct advantage to over sites that don't. Achieving high scores in Google Page Speed Insights are near impossible to achieve by yourself! I spent over 2 months trying and all I got were a few more grey hairs. So with that being said, the members of Wealthy Affiliate have a real edge over competitors that can't hit these scores.

How Does A Google Search Work?

Handy SEO Tips And Tools

Stay For Free If That's What You Want

Talk about a great deal you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else online! You can stay a free member of Wealthy Affiliate for as long as needed and it will not cost you any money at all. This fab deal includes hosting of 2 WordPress Websites and 10 training Videos on how to place content on the site and getting your new website ranked on Google.


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Free Membership Here

Quick Summary

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for beginners and more experienced people to learn how to get their websites on the first page of Search Engines like Google and Bing.


Their step-by-step training, helpful support & resourceful community are charged at a very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.?

Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It's hard to find any negative reviews of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Website Ranking Platform.

==>Create Your FREE Account Today!

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Thank you for visiting, To Gain Top Search Engine Rankings. Would you like to ask any questions or just have a gripe with SEO Professionals that charge huge prices but don't deliver?  Just leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your SEO Friend, Jeff. 😃

14 thoughts on “To Gain Top Search Engine Rankings

  1. Thank you so much for this informative post.
    The world is changing and getting more digital. People are doing almost everything online these days.
    Some are running internet businesses and are searching for training to gain top search engine rankings.
    From the services you listed, is the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform a one-stop service provider? I certainly don’t want to join if there are extra charges to access tools that I need. I’m currently a member of Clickbank but they keep on charging me more money to get updated training modules.  I know that SEO Training is so important to the success of an online business. Does Wealthy Affiliate provide quality Search Engine Optimization Techniques at no extra costs to me?

    I’m also curious to know if Wealthy Affiliate has any products people can promote for a commision and is there any Upsells included in the Premium Membership.

    Thanks very much, Zegu

    1. Hi there, Zegu. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the rare Online learning platforms that don’t hit you up with constant Upsells. The premium membership offers extensive SEO Training and Weekly Webinar Videos that explain how to do on important factors with Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The W.A Membership also includes hosting of up to 50 WordPress Theme Templates Website and Hosting, 24/7 Site Support, Professional Keyword Tool, Comment Platform, Image Libary, High-Speed Site Page Loading Tool, Domain Name Purchasing Area, and 24/7 Support from over 1.3 Million Members.

      This price is all-inclusive, Zegu and never contains extra fees to get access to any of the training platforms. The best way to have a look at the whole Wealthy Affiliate Marketing System is to join the Free Membership first. You can then check out all the training tools W.A and gives you the opportunity to get the first months membership fee for only $19. That’s over a 60% saving on the normal monthly charges! Did you know that you can actually build an Internet Business from the free membership but if you are keen to learn serious ways to make money online, then the premium membership is the way to go…

      Wealthy Affiliate also have their own Affiliate Program that trains you on how to earn money from promoting a Marketing Businesses and can be done on both the free version and the paid membership. This was the road I took when I first started online marketing. It only took me a couple of months for me to cover the monthly membership costs.

      If you have any questions, contact me here and I would be more than happy to help.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can say that if it weren’t for this platform, I would not have achieved fast ranking with my blog posts. There were times that right after publishing a content, I saw my content ranked high. That feat is not possible on other platforms.

    Reading your article, I noticed something. Now, I have some questions to ask you, Jeff. I read in your article you mentioned about “correct placement of HTML tags in website posts”. Isn’t it the theme that’s supposed to take care of those things for us? Can you elaborate more on that here?

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment, Gomer. Always glad to say hello to a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate. Yep! I haven’t seen any other Online Platforms offer the quality of training and Tools for the one low price as W.A.

      This true that the WordPress Theme puts the H1 Title Tag in for us. Other themes you have to place a Header 1 as your Title Tag. You can test your Site Theme H1 and H2 Tag Test Here!

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Hello, Jeff!

    I agree that the best training on search engine optimization is at WA. I have belonged to several other online training platforms before joining Wealthy Affiliate and wished that I discovered them before. Their training adds value to the newbie or a seasoned SEO Professional because there’s such a tight-knit community of people sharing their methods for getting to the first page of Googles. I’ve found the community to be almost an equal value or superior value than the training (which is phenomenal!).

    Quick question, Jeff. How many times can I put my Title Keyword into my post and what’s the best position to place them?

    Thanks, Tiffany.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tiffany. The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Community has got me out of trouble so many times I have lost count. I’ve been a member here going on 3 years and I now teach and help newbies to succeed online. I would not have made it this far if it was not for the Professional Community helping me out when I first started. Gaining the top Search Engine Rankings is possible with the right training help and support.

      Here’s the answer to your question, Tiffany. Your Post Title Keyword should be placed no more than 5 times and placed on the top, in the middle of the contents, and at the bottom of the page. The best position to put them is as follows; One Title Keyword at the top of the Post. One in the first image on download and placed in the Alt Tag. Two in the middle of your post content, but do not put them together. One at the bottom of your Post. If your Post page is longer than 2000 characters, then you can place an extra Title Keyword sprinkled in under the middle content section.

      Don’t be shy and contact me here If you need any help here, Tiffany.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. Hi, Jeff.

    I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and the Search Engine Training provided is simply amazing. Before I found this Platform I joined a Online Company that promised me the World but only delivered extra fees for the Training. For myself, the SEO training at Wealthy Affiliate was the most help considering I was opening a business.

    The website was easy to build and I the help along the way with building my site was amazing. In addition to that, the Comment Platform really made a big difference in the rankings in Google.

    The tools on this platform saved me valuable time when you have several projects to do.

    Yes, mistakes were made along the way but being able to receive Professional Marketing help in 5 minutes, 24/7 got me out of situations where everything went wrong. 

    I’m always on the lookout for new ways to gain top rankings with Google Search Engines and found your post to be a real help.

    All the Best. BOB

    1. Hi, Bob. Yes! Plenty of things can go wrong when building out a Website to start an Online Business. Having the ability to receive help when you most need it can be the difference between building a successful Online Business. Having access to Keyword Tools and up-to-date information is vital when first learning how to rank your website in the Search Engines.

      Unfortunately, most people that go it alone and try to learn Site SEO from YouTube Videos don’t get very far. This can also aid in the risks of joining an Online Platform that can charge you a fortune to learn what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

      To be able to succeed with improved website rankings and building Search Engine Friendly Sites yourself, there are 2 factors that come into play.

      1) We all must have access to the latest SEO Methods in the way of Webinar Training and easy to follow videos that train you step by step.

      2) Be able to ask questions and receive help 24/7 without waiting days for a reply to a problem.

      Learning how to master Search Engine Ranking is not overly hard if we have the right tools at our disposal. However, paying too much for the tools required often leads to us giving up before we have any real chance to succeed with our Online Businesses!

      You are not alone, Bob and this is one of the biggest reasons why people will fail with an Internet Business Startup.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  5. Hi Jeff
    You are so right about Wealthy Affiliate and the training it provides and also the SEO it teaches. I am so glad I am part of this system as no one out there teaches Search Engine Optimization and how to build a website like WA does. Good article!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sharon. yes Indeed! for value for money, Wealthy Affiliate stands out of the crowd. There are other Online Platforms that teaches Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but their fees can be quite hefty! I don’t know of anywhere online that offers a Free Membership that includes two WordPress Websites and training to get them ranked on Google.
      It is the best Internet Business Platform Online that won’t strip your hard earned money to start a Home Business.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  6. Hi Jeff
    You are so right about Wealthy Affiliate and the training it provides and also the SEO it teaches. I am so glad I am part of this Superb Online Platform as none other out there teaches Search Engine Optimization and how to build a website like Wealthy Affiliate does. What is brilliant also, this Unique Marketing Program comes with a helpful community and a very good Keyword Tool to search for Meta Titles.

    I have even found that the Blogs are written here to help other members often grab the first page of the Google Page Listings. This is a very welcome bonus and proves that Wealthy Affiliate is trusted with Google!

    There is little room for errors with SEO and I would like to connect with you for your free Website Appraisal. You never know what I have missed and two heads are better than one.

    Many thanks, Sharon. 

    1. Thank you for commenting, Sharon. Did you know there are other Online programs that teach how to learn Search Engine Ranking? I think Wealthy Affiliate offers the best value for every tool you’ll need included in the membership. A lot of the other internet Platforms can have a lot of Upsells to access Tools and Training needed to build and learn SEO for the Website.

      I learned from a very early stage that the Blogs I wrote at Wealthy Affiliate were getting ranked on the first page of the Google Listings. This was a huge selling point for me as I knew that this company was trusted by Search Engines to deliver quality content! I don’t know of any other SEO Learning Platforms that this is the case.

      I would love to connect with you and give your Website a Free Appraisal.

      very best regards, Jeff. 

  7. Thanks for the very interesting information, Jeff. I myself have learned so much about affiliate marketing. I too can confirm that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places where you can learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to get your Website ranked with Google. I look forward to getting valuable tips from the Wealthy Affiliate Community and especially love the fact that if I need support, help is never far away!  The Professional Keyword Tool is also a winner for researching Keywords to use on my Site Titles.

    Enjoyed the Search Engine Optimization Advice on your other Posts and have a quick question for you.

    How many times should I include my Website Title Keyword in a new post without it being classed by Google as keyword Stuffing?

    Look forward to your reply, Jacob.

    1. You are a Member of one of the safest Online learning Platform on the entire net and they definitely can’t be beaten for value on what’s included at Wealthy Affiliate. I too love to Professional Support I receive there and have not seen any other Internet Marketing Programs quite like Wealthy Affiliate!

      I liked your comment about the Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate. So handy to be involved with an expert set up, it’s like a all-in-one handy place for marketers.

      I especially love when guiding people to the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership, I know they will not be “Ripped Off” and at the end of the day if they don’t like what they see it won’t cost them any money.

      You should include your targeted Keyword No more than 5 times on a post. I normally place one right at the bottom just in case the Search Bots get that far and they can leave my post feeling content and happy.

      If you need any tips on SEO, contact me here at anytime.

      Best regards, Jeff.

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