The Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin To Have Installed

The Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

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The Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin


The 2 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin To Install


What is the best free WordPress SEO Plugin to install that will help in fully optimizing your websites? Try these best 2 SEO Plugins to use on WordPress to fully optimize and speed up your site. 


The Best Free WordPress Seo Plugin To Download


The best Free WordPress SEO Plugin to download is one that ensures performance when cleaning code delivery! Google Search Bots need a clear pathway with no obstacles when crawling your website coding. Imagine being stuck in a "huge crowd" where there is no clear path to follow. Can be confusing at best, right? All we want to do is get to the nearest exit to make our escape! Search Engines are no different and abundant crawls because of Meta Clutter (Orphaned Meta Data) add up to lower indexing and ranking of your posts. Below is a list of WordPress SEO optimization plugins I have put together that are designed to keep your site running fast and smooth.

The WordPress Optimize Plugin

The WordPress Optimize Plugin does an exceptionally good job of cleaning out unwanted code.  This free version helps to remove leftover expired transients, Clears all post revisions, Cleans post metadata, and removes spam and trashed comments.


The Best Plugins For WordPress Blog
Download WP-Optimize Plugin For Free
You can download for free by clicking on the image above or directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

How To Download A Plugin From WordPress

Adding Plugins from WordPress within your Website Theme is quite easily done. For us lucky folks at Wealthy Affiliate, we can download the plugin straight from our WP Dashboard. If you haven't got an account at W.A, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way.


  1. Log into WordPress Admin for the Website Theme that plugin is to be Downloaded 
  2. Go to Plugins and click on add new.
  3. In The Search Plugins area, write in capitals > WP-Optimize, then enter.
  4. Once the WordPress plugin had been Activated, click the install button.
  5. Your Optimize Plugin is ready to use and to adjust the settings.
  6. Click settings and tick the first 6 boxes of the Plugin.
  7. Run the Optimize database tables then refresh the page.
  8. You are all set to start Optimizing your Website.


A handy little trick that I learned and happy to pass onto you is after you have run the optimizer to delete unwanted Post Revisions, just refresh the page. If there are any unwanted Transients and Orphaned Post Meta Data, they will show up and then can be optimized. Transients can contain huge amounts of Data and JavaScript. By cleaning all the Transients and old Post Revisions, we are ensuring our Sites are not cluttered up with unnecessary coding. This will let our pages load quicker and give the Search Engine Bots a much smoother ride through our sites.

The P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

The P3 Plugin Profiler is a great free tool to check the plugins that are weighing your site down. Some plugins contain massive JavaScript Files that WordPress has to load before the page will appear. This plugin shows a pie graph in different colours to indicate the total weight they use.


P3 Profiler Plugin Load Times
P3 Profiler Plugin Load Times


This capture was taken from my Marketing Website which contains 30 posts and 6 pages with 20 plugins installed. The average loading times of this site is .875 seconds to fully load and fits in perfectly with Googles Algorithms. Don't worry about the large orange slice as this is the P3 Plugin itself and I always delete after using!

I have 8 websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and don't use any Caching or Minifying plugins that can often produce only slight improvements to the all so familiar errors that don't go away in Google Page Speed Insights. I use a revolutionary speed tool that allows me to host up to 50 hosted websites and comes with SSL Security Certificates and Privacy Settings.

Check out the score for this website using the High-Speed features in Google Page Speed Insights!


Google Page Speed Insight Test Website URL
High-Speed Tool With No Added Caching Plugins

Click The P3 Profiler Image For Free Download

The Profile Plugin For WordPress

Setup Directions For The P3 Profiler Plugin

Setup directions for the P3 Profiler are quite simple after you have installed and activated this plugin. See the directions below for the best way to use!


  1. Download and Activate the P3 Profiler to your WP Dashboard.
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on all Plugins.
  3. Choose the plugin and click on "Scan Now" Button.
  4. Click "Start Scan" to run a performance.
  5. Leave the window open until Finished.


Be patient, the finished result will take about 5 minutes to compete. Once done, you will be able to see what plugins are slowing down your loading times. The colored Pye Graph indicates in seconds how long each one is taking to load. There are also tabs at the top of the Graph that displays alternative information about the Plugins.

Googles Matt Cutts On Website Speed

New Site Speed Tool

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6 thoughts on “The Best Free WordPress SEO Plugin

  1. Hey Jeff, great article!

    I’m very interested in SEO and am always looking for tips. It has always been a tough compromise for me when deciding between which plugins to add for better site functionality while not negatively impacting my site speed. This article really adds value and I will be trying out the plugins you recommend! Also, I will definitely be bookmarking your site to stay up to date with your latest tips!

    Just out of curiosity, when are you holing your next 4-Day Training Challenge?

    Thanks again, really appreciate this!

    1. Happy you enjoyed my article, David and thank you for commenting. Yep, site speed is a big issue for both customer experience and Google Algorithms. Adding heaps of extra plugins to get a better performance can actually slow down page loading times. When you have finished using the P3-Profiler don’t forget to deactivate the plugin but leave on the Dashboard for future use.

      I  hold my 4-Day Free Training Challenge on the 1st of every month and then every two weeks starting from the 15th. This is worth $250 and covers such topics as WordPress Optimization and Keyword Density and Placement. Would be great to see you there, David.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hi, Jeff, until now I didn’t know anything about code delivery, search bots or website coding. Those to me are really big internet words that I kind of learned today thanks to you. My question is do I need both of the plugins or do I only just need one? And if one is the answer then which one of the two would you say is your best? The P3 or the WordPress optimize?
    Thanks, Malenalo.

    1. Hi, Malenyalo. You only need the Optimize Plugin which does a great job removing unwanted code. The P3 plugin looks at all installed plugins and gives you a loading time for each one. It’s a great tool for finding plugins that are slowing your website down. After you have finished using, just delete fully.
      Don’t forget to use the optimizer after you update pages, posts, and images. If you need any further assistance, I would be happy to help!
      Best regards, SEO Jeff.

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