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I have been helping people for 3 years to strategically place Keyword Meta Tag Coding to cement Title Keywords for page 1 rankings. The best element here is a cemented keyword will hold a position on the top spot and also rank for shortened URL versions. Once you have learned the secret to this very successful strategy, creating Search Engine Friendly Titles to gain awesome traffic is only an email away.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Website Optimization
  • Meta Keyword Cementing
  • Content Analysis
  • Image Meta Tags
  • On Page SEO Methods
  • Professional White Hat Service

How Google Search Works

Affordable SEO Advice Just For You

We are not here to make extreme amounts of money or shirk on duties to perform and deliver quality Search Engine Optimization advice. I have many websites online with all posts ranking on the top pages of the search engines. I bet you even found my site on the first page from your search inquiries? We just offer a top class white hat service that's affordable to all the folks that want a better "bang" for their money. Fill out the contact form below to start your journey building websites that will rank well for the whole World to see!

Free Website On Page Health Checkup

Contact us here to get your Free On-Page SEO Health Checkup. Looks at Meta Tag Placements and Keyword density for the Post Topic worth over $250.


Join my FREE 4-Day Website Optimization Course that will prepare your WordPress Site into a Search Engine Friendly Powerhouse!  Contact me here for further info on Courses Dates & Times.

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Have you heard or hired SEO Professionals that practice Black Hat Strategies? This may include purchasing backlinks that point to your Domain. The truth is, Google will penalize your website because most of the links received are low quality. A good backlink is worth 100 poor ones and to receive one from this site, just leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your SEO Friend, Jeff. 😃

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