List Of HTML Header Tags For Ranking

A List Of Basic HTML Tags

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A List Of Basic HTML Tags


How To Master HTML Tags For The Best SEO


Mastering your HTML Tags for the best SEO Ranking can be achieved by implementing strong tactics in the site's code! Incorrect placement of Tags within coding normally results in lower Google Rankings in the SERP'S Listings. By learning how to correctly place all types of HTML whilst adding valuable content to your posts will ensure Search Bots a smooth navigation with fewer chances of abundant crawls. Optimizing a website isn't overly hard as long as you follow some simple rules that are set out below...

How To Optimize A Website With HTML Coding

Optimizing your website with HTML code is one of the most important SEO tasks you can do! By doing this will allow for easy navigation of the Search Bots for posts indexing of your site. Crawl Rates are set to minimal time frames and "Time-Outs" can result in a abundant crawl or poor listings on the Google Search Results! The aim here is to make our websites search engine friendly for a higher listing from a crawl result.

How Do Search Engines Read Your Website?

Search Engines like Google and Bing read your website by the way of coding. These little Electronic Critters scurry through the internet reading millions of bits of coding that enables them to rate your Site for an indexing Position. Understandably, because of time restriction placed on the "Bots," they have to know what our Posts are all about in the first 100 words. This is where the Header Title Tags do their job and lets a Search Bot find where the Post should go in the Indexing Pages. Just like us, if Search Engine Bots finds the reading of contents confusing, they will simply go! If the content of a Post makes clear sense, they will most likely scan the whole post including your "keywords."

It's also a great idea, SEO wise to place your Title Meta Keyword (Post Title) at the bottom of the page just to confirm to Search Bots that they have got the whole picture. There are 5 main types of Header Tags we can use on our sites and a brief description can be found below.

What Are The Main HTML Header Tags We Can Use?

There are 5 main HTML Tags that we can use within our website posts. The first important tag is the Title H1 Meta Tag which aids Search Bots to tell exactly what the post is all about. The Second Tag is called an H2 Meta and should describe what the content of the page is all about. Under the H2 we use an H3 Sub-Heading Tag which is a brief description in paragraph form that explains the content below. Important: The H2 and H3 sometimes replace the Meta Title and Meta Description, so when writing always write as you would like to see displayed in the Google listings.

The other 2 Tags are the H4 and H5 and can be used to introduce, display, or to direct someone to a direction as shown below.

The links above lead to safe friendly sites that I own that provide extra detail on this topic. (H4 Tag)

Check out the video below on HTML Tags! (H5 Tag)

Meta Title & Description Meta Replacement

Sometimes Google can't access or when we forget to fill out the Meta Description Tags on a WordPress Theme, Search Engines will use the H2 and H3 tags for the listings that you see on Google. Keep in mind when writing in your Header Tags that they should reflect the contents of the Post and what will get people clicking on your Websites Listing. By following this practice you can keep the Search bots and people alike, very happy.

H1 And H2 Meta Tags

Handy SEO Tips And Tools

H1 And H2 Tags

For Good SEO reasons, a typical post should be set out this way. The H1 Tag is the page header and contains same keywords as your permalink title. Let's say your permalink title is; Ways To Combat Heart Disease In Modern Times. The keywords here are Combat Heart Disease. By using the same keywords in the H1 header we can put; Ways How To Combat Heart Disease To Increase Your Life.

The H2 tag is used to describe the contents of the page and should reflect the description placed in your underlying H3 subparagraph. A good example of a great H2 that contains your keywords would be; Learning Ways How To Combat Heart Disease.

As you can see above, all three titles contain the targeted keywords.

This allows for easy reading by Google Bots and lets them know in an instant what your post is all about!

H1 tags In WordPress Platforms

The WordPress Platforms by default uses a Post Title (Post Permalink) as the H1 Title Header. In this circumstance, it's advisable to just use the H2 Header Tag with your H3 Sub-Header Tag. If you are unsure if your website theme automatically places an H1 Tag in, you can check the Free HTML Checker here. This handy tool is really easy to use just by placing your website URL of the Post you want to check. Then click the analyze button and your ready to go. The HTML Header Tag Checker will then tell you how many H1 & H2 Tags your web page contains and then rates a score out of a 100.


Check out my Post Page score below.


SEO Site Checkup Score

How To Use The H3 Sub-Heading Tag

When using the h3 Sub-heading Tag it should describe in a short description what the whole post is based on! Remember, this often gets picked up by Google and other Search Engines when the Meta Description Tags are unavailable. We start off by copying the H2 Title and then use bold to highlight the start.

A good example of great SEO H3 tags would be as followsLearning ways how to combat Heart Disease can be achieved by following a sensible diet. It has been noted that Dieticians have announced diets that are rich in carbohydrates intakes such as eggs, fish, and dairy can have great impacts on your hearts health. Read my post below for a complete guide on how you can achieve better heart Health!


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  1. Love your text in Comic Sans and colors of your site. Thank you for your list of basic HTML Tags which I enjoyed going through. It’s so important to have these tags in the right section of your site and I’m going to check out my website to check what you have implemented here.

    1. Yeah, I try and brighten up a persons day especially when it comes to SEO Tutorials. Yes! HTML Tags are quite essential for Search Engines to read the context of your website in a smooth manner. We don’t want the little critters to abandon their crawl because of confusing text.
      All the best, Jeff.

  2. Awesome post on basic HTML Tags, I know this is new information for many people who will be reading your post and it is very helpful to understand HTML and know some of the basic tags to use. I see you are offering a free 4-day course on Website Optimization. Can you give me some details about the starting dates and what kind of subjects are taught?

    I’m looking for the correct way to put my Title Keywords into the first image that I download for a New Post. Can you help me out here as I have heard this is a very important ranking factor? Also, will you writing more posts on HTML in the near future? I really think this is a good topic people will benefit from knowing more about.

    Cheers, Jeffrey.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jeffrey. My Free 4-Day Course starts on the 1st of every month and then fortnightly commencing on the 15th. The courses will cover such topics as Title Header Tags. Keyword Placement in article content, Plugin Optimization, and keyword Densities. I can send you an email 5 days earlier to confirm your spot, Jeffrey.

      The keywords that you put in your first Image Download on a Post is the Title Keyword of the page (Permalink) and don’t forget to actually download keyword in the image. Put the Title keyword in the Alt Text and also in the Image Title Attribute Section. I will be writing more about HTML tags in the near future, Jeffrey. I see people leaving this key area of SEO out of their Posts altogether and this will really hurt their ranking efforts.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Thanks Jeff for such incredible insight, most of us newbees we just go with the flow. We can’t separate the right way of doing things on the internet from the wrong way of doing things and we end up stuck. Now that I know the correct way of using HTML tags, thanks to you, I’m sure there’ll be nothing stopping me now.

    1. Glad to help out, Malenyalo. Placing correct HTML Meta Tags are essential for search bots to know exactly what our posts are all about. Thanks for your comment and if you have any questions On SEO, I would be happy to help.

  4. I found the site very informative. The images were very good and the videos were very appropriate and informative too. I particularly enjoyed the article about the Meta tags which were explained in great detail with examples that made it easier to understand what was being explained. I have not seen this kind of site before that explains in such detail. Very useful information going forward.

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